Najmeddin AlHadad


Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Najmeddin was raised in a Shotokan karate dojo owned by his father Master AbdelRahman. Studying under one of the best Japanese Martial Artist Tatsuya Naka, Najmeddin became the youngest 5th Dan Black-belt in the history of Shotokan. He made his name known in the fighting world, he became 4x world champion in Karate, he then transitioned to kick-boxing, Muay-Thai and eventually onto MMA. Najmeddin, also known as “The Scorpion’ won the K-1 MAX World cup in Korea, WKBF World Champion (world kickboxing federation) and WMC (world muaythai council) and WBL (world boxing league) Championship. Growing up watching Jackie Chan and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, Najmeddin decided to pursue an acting career, he went on to work on many short films and TV series in the United Arab Emirates and found work in commercials, becoming the face of VOX cinema, MBC Action and Abu Dhabi Sports. His dream came true when he was casted with his childhood hero Jackie Chan in the film Kung-Fu Yoga. He aspires to work with some of the best names in Hollywood.


Movie Name Release Date
Race 3 2018-06-16