Vinayan’s recent directorial, PATHONPATHAM NOOTTANDU will have its biggest release ever in the UK and Europe on this 9thof September. The film will be screened in more than 70 centres across Britain and Europe which is a pivotal turn to the Malayalam films. The movie is a periodical action drama written and directed by Vinayan which revolves around the fiery Ezhava chief Arattupuzha Velayudha, which also depicts the lifestyle of people in the 19th century.  Caste oppression by the upper class which was very common in the 19th Century was refuted by the social reformer and the Ezhava chief, who is considered as one of the first to fought against the Savarnas. This ignited a revolt against the upper-class domination.  The Mangalam Shiva temple was constructed by Arattupuzha Velayudha panicker in 1852 in order to welcome the people of all caste and religion. The chief was appreciated and credited for breaking down the social stratification prevailed in Kerala and fighting against the dominance of Savarnas. 

The film features Young actor Siju Wilson in the lead role, along with many other actors including Anoop Menon, chemban Vinod,Chalipala and Sudev Nair. The trailer was simply fantastic to watch by which the expectations are sky high for this one. The Malayalam cinemas have a hand full of Onam releases this year, and Vinayan is coming up with a promising Onam bonus this time. The promo shoots for the film in UK is scheduled to be done in community Onam celebrations and various theatres. The Onam visual treat for the cinephiles in UK and Europe is almost near you and this September 9th will add more on to the Onam delight with PATHONPATHAM NOOTTANDU