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Aanandhapuram Diaries
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8 March 2024 
Director Jaya Jose Raj tells the heartwarming and inspiring tale of a woman determined to take charge of her life in Aanandhapuram Diaries.
The premise of the film follows the life of Nandini (Meena), a middle-aged woman who has to deal with a divorce while battling cancer.
Determined to win back her life, Nandini decides to complete her law degree, which was earlier interrupted due to her marriage.
She rejoins a law college where she makes new friends and accidentally gets caught in the activities of a drug-peddling ring.
Anandapuram Diaries deals with the themes of relationships, adversity, and personal achievements.
The story of the film has been written by Sasi Gopalan Nair, who has also served as the producer under the banner of Neil Productions India Pvt. Ltd.
Meena makes a strong comeback to Malayalam cinema. She does a stellar job of portraying Nandini, who always comes across as a dignified and strong woman.
Sajith Purushan’s stunning visuals are a treat for your eyes and Shaan Rahman’s mellifluous numbers are a treat for your ears.