Nandini faces divorce and a battle with cancer. Her arranged marriage disrupted her studies. Determined to returns to college, makes friends but unknowingly tied to drug ring.

In the land of Aanandhapuram, Nandini, a resilient woman, faces the aftermath of a tough divorce and a battle with cancer. Her pursuit of a law degree was disrupted by an arranged marriage, but determined to rebuild her life, she returns to law school. Finding solace in new friendships, she unknowingly gets involved in a dangerous conflict with the college drug syndicate. Despite being shot during the confrontation, Nandini’s determination drives her recovery, supported by friends. Her unwavering focus on completing her law degree pays off as she excels in exams, proving setbacks can’t break her spirit. Taking on her first case as a lawyer, she passionately represents her college friend,fighting for justice in court with her newfound skills